2021 Official Selection

Atmosphere Germany Ulrich Schmitt
Before Leaving France Pater/Son
Erraiak (Bowels). The echo of the ancestors Spain Ekain Martinez de Lizarduy Stürtze
THE ROMANS Malta Maurice Micallef
Paradice (A journey into frozen waterfalls) Switzerland Daniel Bleuer, Jonas Schild, Nicolas Hojac
80.000 Schnitzel Germany Hannah Schweier
RIDE France Laure Protat
Women are the Change United States Philip Lewis, Linda Stout
Insta-Lie Brazil Leandro D'Errico
MALCATA - The Tale of a Lonely Mountain Range Portugal Miguel Cortes Costa; Ricardo Guerreiro
The Round Triangle Spain Ricard Mamblona
"Reggie's Forest" United States Simona Calin
The Paper Man Canada Tanya Lapointe
Firestorm '77 The True Story of the Honda Canyon Fire United States Chris Hite, Dennis Ford
Circus Movements Austria Lukas Berger, Mário Gajo de Carvalho
LOOKING FORWARD France Laura Lardeux
The eyes of the land Morocco Marcos Altuve Marquina
La Perla del Mar Germany Joachim Jung
Ahlan wa sahlan France Lucas Vernier
35 Days United States Nicholas Manting Brewer
With...Out Poland Hubert Bąk and Piotr "Latona" Kusal
Rocky Not Specified Annika Ivarsson
Penitent in Attempt Serbia Zikica Jovanovic
LOO-LOO LOO-LOO Serbia Predrag Todorović
La Palma Spain Martin Zalba
Blue lights Belgium Laure Bioulès
Twins Woven from Dreams Serbia Sead Sabotic , Lea Vahrusev
City of Silence United States Nicolle Marquez
paSta’ay Taiwan Chin-Fa Chen
Minor lives Spain Alfredo Torrescalles
I will never stop to dream Italy Roberto Giannessi
Paths (BIDEAK) Spain Xabier Unanua
TransSiberia Ireland Ciaran O'Connell
Indebted To All Women Spain María Lobo, Roi Guitián
Black&White Czech Republic Eluned Zoe Aiano, Anna Benner
The Naked Arctic Aventure Singapore Paula Miquelis
Photon Wrangler Ireland Christopher O'Sullivan
Gamechangers: The football team scoring conservation goals United Kingdom Environmental Justice Foundation
The Hygiene Project Israel Tamar Nissim
Sandy Illusions Netherlands Robert Hughan
The Soul Within United States Andrea Giacomini
OutSwing Pakistan Samar Minallah Khan
Hitch, an Iranian story France Chowra Makaremi
Southside Heroes Germany Martin Kießling
Lakmos Greece Panagiotis Papoutsis
Black Health IS United States Edward Hill
Ayélen Italy Lorenzo Franceschini
In Exile: a Family Film Mexico Juan Francisco Urrusti
A Second Chance United States Christopher Aumen
Forced to Marry United States Matilde Simas
A SLUG´S ABODE Spain txema ortiz
La amable euforia de la danza United States Miguel Castanet
See me, hear me, feel me Netherlands Anne-Marieke Graafmans
Paths (BIDEAK) Spain Xabier Unanua
Rhodes - A Piece Of Life Greece Stamatis Liontos
Ait Atta: Nomads of the High Atlas Cyprus Inanc Tekguc, Eda Elif Tibet
The City Within Italy Anna de Manincor , ZimmerFrei
Mayra's Story (Festival Cut) United States Quinn Wilson
Mam's Old Chair Ireland Sheena Walsh
Delhi Dreams Switzerland Yamini Deen, Christof Schaefer
MOUNT FREIKOFEL - Frontier of the Great War Italy Claudia Crema
They Don't Want to Live in Seoul Korea, Republic of Sin Donguk
Mirrors Spain Martin Zalba
Declaration of a Revolution United States Harbaldeep Singh
Bizen Japan David Woo
Of Other Spaces India Sibi Sekar
Rival Queens United States Anton Armendariz Diaz
The Road to Life France Judith RUEFF
Red Lipstick Not Specified Shiva Sanjari
Hard Livings South Africa Jason Staggie
The hidden light (infrared timelapse) Spain Martin Zalba
Aney maqin China Daowei Duoji
From Durban to Tomorrow South Africa Dylan Mohan Gray
The Monitoring Empire United Kingdom James Hamlin
"Legacy of Giants"- Poster Belgium
Believer China Hong Shanjia
Black Snow United Kingdom Stephen Linstead
Lands that release - stories of the Cupertinos . Brazil Diosmar Filho, Harrison Araújo
Sankofa Chicago United States Vanessa Page Wright

2021 List of screened films

A journey into frozen waterfalls (Switzerland, Daniel Bleuer, Jonas Schild, Nicolas Hojac)
With...Out (Poland, Hubert Bąk and Piotr "Latona" Kusal)
Rocky (USA, Annika Ivarsson)
City of Silence (USA, Nicolle Marquez)
Black&White (Czech Republic, Eluned Zoe Aiano, Anna Benner)
Gamechangers: The football team scoring conservation goals (United Kingdom, Environmental Justice Foundation
A Second Chance (USA, Christopher Aumen)

2021 Winners IDFA

The Best Super Short Documentary (> 15 min)
 Directed: Annika Ivarsson

 The Best Short Documentary (> 52 min)
Paradice (A journey into frozen waterfalls)
 Directed: Daniel Bleuer, Jonas Schild, Nicolas Hojac

 The Best Student Documentary (> 52 min)
Photon Wrangler
 Directed: Christopher O'Sullivan

 The Best Feature Documentary (< 52 min)
They Don't Want to Live in Seoul
 Directed: Sin Donguk

 The Best Director, The Best European Documentary
 Directed: Xabier Unanua

 The Best First-Time Director, The Best Original Screenplay
 Directed: Lorenzo Franceschini

 The Best Male Director
They Don't Want to Live in Seoul
 Directed: Sin Donguk

 The Best Female Director
The Road to Life
 Directed: Judith RUEFF

 The Best Cinematography
Circus Movements
 Directed: Lukas Berger, Mário Gajo de Carvalho

 The Best Sound Design
A Second Chance
 Directed: Christopher Aumen

 The Best Editor, The Best Speaker
Declaration of a Revolution
 Directed: Harbaldeep Singh

 The Best Producer, The Best Trailer
 Directed: Maurice Micallef

 The Best Poster
Legacy of Giants
 Director: Tiago Mesquita

 The Best Ecology Documentary
The Naked Arctic Aventure
Director: Paula Miquelis

 The Best History Documentary
Rival Queens 
Directer: Anton Armendariz Diaz

 The Best Nature Documentary
Sandy Illusions
 Director: Robert Hughan

 The Best War Documentary
The Road to Life
 Director: Judith RUEFF

 The Best Autobiographical
80.000 Schnitzel
Director: Hannah Schweier

 The Best Personality Profile
The Paper Man
 Director: Tanya Lapointe

 The Best Experimental Documentary
Of Other Spaces
 Director: Sibi Sekar

 The Best Doc Series (Only Pilot)
The Soul Within
 Director: Andrea Giacomini

 The Best Documentary from USA
Black Health IS
 Director: Edward Hill

 The Best Mocumentary
 Director: Leandro D'Errico

 The Best Timalapse
 Director: Martin Zalba

 The Best Reportage
 Director: Predrag Todorović

 The Best Sport Documentary
 Director: Samar Minallah Khan

 The Best Documentary about Human Rights
Forced to Marry
 Director: Matilde Simas

 The Best Documentary about Quarantine
See me, hear me, feel me
 Director: Anne-Marieke Graafmans

 The Best Documentary about Migrations
The City Within
 Director: Anna de Manincor , ZimmerFrei

 The Best African Documentary
The Road to Life
 Director: Judith RUEFF

 The Best American Documentary
The Monitoring Empire
 Director: James Hamlin

 The Best South American Documentary
TERRAS QUE LIBERTAM histórias dos Cupertinos
 Director: Diosmar Filho, Harrison Araújo

 The Best Asian Documentary
Aney maqin
 Director: Daowei Duoji